Our Story

Australian Excellence. Global Experience.High quality products and services, developed with advanced technology, have been provided to clients since 2014. We’re Australian owned and operated and serve the Trucking, Automotive, Marine, Hospitality and Industrial Chemicals Industry.

Software Systems

We have a custom designed software system that monitors and executes all movements within the business. We are committed to transparency and accuracy.


Production is monitored via our intelligent software system. Product batches are certified and traced with quality certificates provided by NATA approved laboratories.

Metro Deliveries

We have implemented a strategic bulk metro delivery system with smaller vehicles enabling us to deliver our entire product range to the most difficult sites across major cities and rural locations.

Bulk Deliveries

We also operate a large Tanker fleet equipped with NMI certified flow metres that enables us to deliver Bulk AdBlue and other products along the East Coast of Australia.

Extensive Product Range

AdBlue, Storage Tanks, Chemicals, Spill Kits are just a handful of products we sell. We are committed to supplying a broad and high calibre product range.

Trade Shows

We participate in many trade shows. We are enthusiastic and committed to interacting and updating our clients with our achievements and products updates.

Environmentally Responsible

CrossChem Australia is committed to ensure that all products, services and practises are environmentally responsible. We pride ourselves on having environmentally responsible practices.

Safe Work Place

Workplace safety is a foundation of the CrossChem work ethic and philosophy. We adhere to a strictly implemented safety practice management plan developed by independent specialist

Meet The Team

Rita Viksnina – Accounts

George Wicks – Sales

Paul Keane – Operations Manager Brisbane

Mariana Dawood – Operations Manager Sydney/Melbourne

Tom Macens – Managing Director

Carlo Putras – AdBlue Delivery Driver

Chad Holmes – Warehouse Manager Sydney