HydroSilex supplied by CrossChem Australia


CrossChem Australia are proud to be an official partner of Hydro Silex. We are trained and ready to answer technical questions regarding the product types and how to apply it. 

HydroSilex is the no limit ceramic coating suited for every surface on your Car, Bus, Truck, Boat or Jet Ski. 

Fully DIY, no professional installations are needed.

Recharge will bond without levelling and create a smooth, hydrophobic and shiny top ceramic layer protecting the surface against the sun, rain, dirt and other harsh elements.

The HydroSilex range is ideal to keep all your vehicles and recreational items protected and clean and looking new!

Please go ahead and visit HydroSilex, but be sure to contact us prior to buying to receive your discount code.


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HydroSilex Recharge

HydroSilex supplied by CrossChem Australia

 Our 32oz is great for the first application and to be used as long-term maintenance. Our 16oz size is perfect for those looking for a smaller on-the-go size.

HydroSilex Recharge is a universal product that protects virtually any type of surface. The installation is extremely easy and once cured, it creates a transparent, smooth and hydrophobic top layer that adds gloss, protects the substrate from the elements and greatly facilitates the maintenance of the vehicle. HydroSilex Recharge can be used as a stand-alone product or as a maintenance coating to revitalize an existing ceramic coating. You do not need to be certified or trained to apply HydroSilex, it's that simple to use!

HydroSilex Marine

CrossChem Australia

 The leading ceramic-based coating meant to replace waxes and other sealants that you may have previously used on your boat. HydroSilex will create a slick surface which gives you ease of cleaning and provides you with a UV Protectant glossy shine! A HydroSilex coated boat also prevents things such as dirt, barnacles and salt from adhering to the boats gelcoat. All of this being said, your boat can actually glide faster on the water! Just one application of our Marine will last you 6 months to a year. 

HydroSilex Big Rig

HydroSilex CrossChem Australia

HydroSilex Big Rig is a revolutionary protective surface coating specifically formulated for commercial trucks and trailers. Simply spray and wipe and Big Rig will bond to all surfaces with unmatched hydrophobic properties, instant curing and built in UV protection. The truck or trailer will look better than ever, protected and easy to clean.



Recharge Application

1. Spray an even mist onto a clean, dry, cool surface. One small panel/section at a time.

2. Immediately buff with a clean microfiber towel in a waving motion.

3. Follow up with a second light buff using another clean microfiber towel in a waving motion.

Wax compared to HydroSilex

Check out this great video


Check out this great video


Application Reminders

1. Apply to a clean, cool, dry surface, clear from any wax or sealant residue. 
2. Apply to one panel/section at a time. Always use a waving motion when buffing. 
3. Do not allow Recharge or Marine to self-dry on the surface. 
4. You can apply Recharge to all surfaces on the vehicle; paint, windows, tires, headlights etc. 
5. You can apply Marine to all exterior surfaces of the vessel; paint, gel coat, windshield, vinyl, brightwork etc. 
6. Do not spray product excessively onto surface, e.g. 3-6oz Recharge per standard sized car. 32 oz Marine will do approx. 3 coats per 20-25’ vessel. 
7. Clean wipers from any overspray. 
8. Always use clean, dry microfiber towels only! 
9. Do not apply in direct sunlight, strong winds or extreme heat. 
10. Store product in a climate-controlled environment.
11. Apply 2-3 layers of Recharge (waiting 5-7 days between each application) for maximum results.