Engine Coolant 50/50 Organic 20 Litre Drum


Red OEM Coolant Premix is suitable for the cooling systems of petrol, LPG, light and Heavy Duty Diesel engines that require full OAT Type A anti-freeze / anti-boil / anti-corrosion properties. Organic Engine Coolant is a luminescent red coloured, superior, fully formulated Hybrid technology engine coolant. This Hybrid technology coolant has the advantage of being more robust than both conventional and organic acid technology (OAT) engine coolants.


Red OEM Coolant premix is a Genuine Glysantin® G40® Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Fully Licensed and Warranty approved, Type “A” Ethylene Glycol, Anti-Freeze Anti-Boil cooIant as used in initial manufacturer factory fills. It uses a technically advanced OAT (Organic Acid Technology) based inhibitor system that is Phosphate, Amine, Borate and Nitrite free. The extended long Life inhibitor formulation prevents rust, corrosion, cavitation and degradation of the Cooling System for 8 years or 500,000km. It is available in both Concentrate and premix formulations.
Red OEM Coolant Premix is a 50% concentration formulation and is ready to use directly from the container. It is pre-mixed with Penrite De-Mineralised Water and can be poured directly into the cooling system. No further dilution is required. It can be used as a complete Service Refill, top up or is safe to mix with Compatible Type A Coolant. Liquidia recommend that a 50% concentration level should be maintained for maximum, performance and longevity of the coolant and protection of the cooling system

– Organic Long Life Concentrate
– Prevents freeze-up and boil over and protects against corrosion
– The Organic Acid Technology (OAT) specially formulated inhibitor package is more stable and stays in solution better than traditional coolants
– Compatible with aluminium radiators
– Nitrite, Phosphate & Amine free

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