Industrial Hand Cleaner 200 Litre Drum


Liquidia’s fast acting premium industrial hand cleaner with natural oil and added scrubber beads. The added scrubbers gently remove ingrained dirt and soils by massaging the skin. Our hand cleaner is designed for everyday heavy duty use and it quickly removes grease, grime, oils, tar, bitumen, resins, glues, paint and printers ink without damaging your skin. Being pH balanced, it is great for your skin yet more than powerful enough for fast and effective industrial hand washing.

• Cuts through grease, oil, ink & paint.
• Contains soft abrasive scrubbers ( grit).
• Hydrocarbon free.
• Leaves skin smooth and soft.
• Moisturises and conditions skin.
• Phosphate free. Triclosan free.
• Eco-friendly. Biodegradable.
• Great for everyday heavy duty use.
• Septic and bio-cycle safe.
• Prevents skin from becoming dry, rough and lifeless.
• Safe to use. Non-toxic. Non-corrosive.
• Natural oil fragrance leaves skin smelling fresh.
• Safe to wash down waterways, no plastic beads used in the formula.

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